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Meet the Staff

Come and Meet the Staff

Head Teacher

Head Teacher 1 Mrs McDowell

Deputy Head Teacher

Deputy Head Teacher 1 Mrs Johnson, Oak / EYFS Lead

Teaching Staff

Teaching Staff 1 Mr Wharton, Nursery
Teaching Staff 2 Miss Skinner, Ash
Teaching Staff 3 Mrs Williams, Beech & SENDCo
Teaching Staff 4 Mrs Darbyshire, Elm
Teaching Staff 5 Miss Bogart, Sycamore / Key Stage 1 Lead
Teaching Staff 6 Mr Hines, Willow
Teaching Staff 7 Mrs Clegg, Sycamore
Teaching Staff 8 Miss Lydon, Maple
Teaching Staff 9 Mrs Giovannini, PPA

Classroom Assistants

Classroom Assistants 1 Mrs Harrison, Reception Unit
Classroom Assistants 2 Miss Wilkinson, Reception Unit
Classroom Assistants 3 Mr Scotson, Beech
Classroom Assistants 4 Mrs Christie
Classroom Assistants 5 Mrs Houghton
Classroom Assistants 6 Mrs Clare
Classroom Assistants 7 Miss Hillis, Nursery
Classroom Assistants 8 Ms England, Learning Support Assistant
Classroom Assistants 9 Mrs Lynch, Learning Support Assistant
Classroom Assistants 10 Mrs Hart, Learning Support Assistant

School Office:

School Office: 1 Ms Peel
School Office: 2 Mrs Vogan
School Office: 3 Miss Porteus

Site Manager

Site Manager 1 Mr Wharton

Mid-day Assistants

Mid-day Assistants 1 Mrs Clare
Mid-day Assistants 2 Mrs Butler
Mid-day Assistants 3 Mrs Drinkwater
Mid-day Assistants 4 Mrs Stagg
Mid-day Assistants 5 Mrs Chuni
Mid-day Assistants 6 Mrs Hart
Mid-day Assistants 7 Mrs Majmundar
Mid-day Assistants 8 Mrs Hannon
Mid-day Assistants 9 Mrs Dixon
Mid-day Assistants 10 Mrs Mullings
Mid-day Assistants 11 Mrs Gavin