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Committee Information

Our Committees include:


Resources Committee
Teaching and Learning, Pupil Welfare & Curriculum Committee


Governors also undertake Link Governor roles. This means that they take a special interest in a key area of the curriculum or year group. We have several Link Governors including Literacy, Numeracy, ICT, Early Years, SEND and Safeguarding. These governors visit the school regularly to observe these areas and liaise with staff members involved, and report back to the Board of Governors regularly.


We also attend training to help us to carry out our role effectively, on such areas as safeguarding, behaviour, health and safety, and roles and responsibilities. Although being a governor can be hard work, we are committed to supporting the school, the staff and pupils. The role is unpaid but is very rewarding because of our keen interest in children’s education, our love of the school and our wish to give something back to our local community.


We are proud that Stamford Park Infant School is an excellent, high-achieving school, with a very caring ethos. We were delighted that in 2001 and in 2007 Ofsted inspected the school and awarded it “outstanding” status. In 2010 Ofsted performed an interim assessment of the school and judged that we had maintained our high standards. In 2013 we asked the local authority to review our performance under the new, more rigorous Ofsted framework and it assessed us as very good with some outstanding features. The head teacher and staff work as a team, with the support of parents and governors, to maintain and improve the standards achieved by the children in the school, and to ensure that they are happy and safe.