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We care, we share, we learn, we grow, together.


Stamford Park Infant School

Our New Curriculum Vision

We care, we share, we learn, we grow together.


As a school over the last two terms we have spent time reflecting upon our current curriculum.  We have reviewed its strengths, areas to enhance and what we aim to achieve through our curriculum by the time our children have reached the end of their journey at Stamford Park Infant School.  We have spent a lot of time fine tuning our vision for our curriculum and discussing how we can achieve depth of understanding where knowledge sticks and learning is transferable in to Key Stage 2 and skill development is lifelong.


Stamford Park Infant School Curriculum Vision


“Enable our children to:


  • foster a love of learning;
  • secure deep, memorable knowledge and understanding;
  • develop transferrable learning;
  • personal and social skills;
  • challenge thinking;
  • generate aspirations from inspiring experiences;
  • nurture kindness and respect in others and in the world and
  • build self-confidence and resilience.”

What are our Curriculum Aims (desired outcomes)


Our curriculum has been designed to:


  • Be vocabulary rich.
  • Develop metacognitive (learning how to learn) and thinking skills.
  • Be exciting and engaging and accessible for all.
  • Encourage children to develop a love of learning.
  • Be relevant, local, purposeful and develop social conscience where we care and appreciate for each other.


Through an effective staff development programme we enable our teaching staff to have the skills, knowledge, confidence and enthusiasm to teach our curriculum.


As a result, our curriculum is designed to enable every child to:


  • Achieve their best in all areas of the curriculum
  • Retain knowledge and make connections in their learning to deepen understanding.
  • Thrive on challenge and actively seek to make the most of every opportunity and further their knowledge.
  • Be engaged, confident and excited to learn.


Click here to view Curriculum Information, including Early Years Foundation Stage and Curriculum information for Key Stage 1 etc.


If you have any questions regarding the curriculum we teach please contact the school directly.

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