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Inside Elm & Gallery 2019 - 2020

Elm Class - Place Values

In Elm Class we have been focusing on place value. We used hundred beads, hundred squares and 10p and 1p coins to represent two digit numbers. The children worked quickly and carefully, making sure they had the correct amount of tens and ones.

Elm Class - Starry Night 

In Elm Class, we have been creating our own paintings inspired by Van Gogh’s - Starry Night.  Miss Lydon put out all of our artwork and we pretended to look around a real Art Gallery. We took our time looking at our friend’s paintings and talked about all the different elements we liked. We then put a post-it note on each painting which helped us evaluate and reflect on our own work.

Elm Class - Diya Painting

On Monday we celebrated Diwali by creating our own Diya Lamps.  We carefully painted inside the lamps with decorative patterns to celebrate the festival of light!

Elm Class - Star Collage

In Year 1, we are reading the story of Laura’s Star.  Elm Class have been busy collaging their own stars, making sure they are as bright and sparkly as possible!

Elm Class - Making and Estimating Amounts

In Elm Class, we got busy finding quantities of 5, 10, 20 and 50 items! This really helps our estimation skills.


Elm Class - Sorting and Investigating Shapes

In Elm Class we have been busy identifying 2D shapes using Venn Diagrams and investigating symmetry!


Elm Class - Our Bodies

In Science, we have been asking the question: How are we different? We drew around Asser and labelled as many parts of his body as we could. We also talked about which parts of the body are the most important and why we need them. Then we sang ‘The Body Song’ and remembered a few more parts of our body like our cheeks, muscles and blood.

Elm Class - Toy Workshop

We were very lucky to have a visit from Don and Catherine, who run their very own toy workshop! Don created a timeline of toys for us and showed us some toys that were around hundreds of years ago. We then created a range of different toys all by our self. We used buffers to make sure the wood was smooth, then we drilled holes using different types of drills and finally we had to be especially careful using the hammer! Our finished toys looked amazing and they were great fun to play with.

Elm Class - Numeracy

Here are some pictures of what we’ve been up to in Numeracy this week!

Elm Class - Artefacts

In History, we have been looking back at old toys and comparing them to new toys. We have also been putting events in chronological order from the past. Mrs McDowell kindly shared some real-life artefacts from our school’s history – the school log books from over 100 years ago. The children were amazed by the handwriting and how computers were not used then.