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Inside Maple & Gallery 2019 - 2020

Maple Class - Holi Celebrations

Maple Class - Freeze Frames

This half term as part of our 'How do we care for plants?' topic, we have been reading 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. The children acted out each part of the story by generating a 'Freeze Frame'.  We had lots of fun doing it and remembered each key point in the story. 

Maple Class - Pancakes

Maple Class had a lovely time celebrating 'Pancake Day'.  The children helped Mr Hines to make the pancake mix.  We looked at this scientifically and talked about how solids turn to liquids and gases.  The children then got to taste pancakes and wrote instructions detailing 'How to make pancakes'. 

Maple Class - Smoothies

Maple Class really enjoyed making and measuring out their incidence for their smoothies.

Maple Class - Chinese New Year Workshop

Maple Class really enjoyed their Chinese New Year dance workshop.

Maple Class - Chinese New Year

Today Kaida kindly dressed up in her lovely dress to celebrate Chinese New Year. She also brought in a lovely display case and explained the significance of all the animals during assembly.

Maple Class - Art

This week Maple Class have had lots of fun creating pictures in the style of 'Giuseppe Arcimboldo' as we made faces with fruit and vegetables! 

Maple Class - Maths

Sorting 3D shapes into a Venn diagram using their properties.

Maple Class - Maths

Predicting which nets made a certain 3D shape.

Maple Class - Maths

Making repeating patterns using properties of 3D shapes.

Maple Christingles

Today we made Christingles and learned about what each part of it represents! 

Maple Class - Freeze Frames

The children in Maple Class loved acting out the story of Mrs Armitage On Wheels by performing freeze frames.

Maple Class - Remembrance Day

Year 2 went to visit the war memorial to lay our class poppy wreath and sketch the statue. Also, we learned about why people commemorate Remembrance Day.

Maple Class - Science - Natural and Man Made


Maple Class - Maths

Sorting out 2D Shapes by their properties into Venn Diagram.


Maple Class - Sit Down Football 


Maple Class - Music - Head, Hands & Feet Pictures
Maple Class - Quality Line and Sitting
Maple Class - Topic Space Items
Maple Class - Science  - How can we change materials?
Maple Class - Science - Waterproof Test
Maple Class - Visit to Altrincham Football Club

Maple Class - Football on the Field


Maple Class - Freeze Frames

Orion and The Dark

Maple Class very much enjoyed breaking the story of 'Orion and the Dark' into different chunks. The children then acted out each part of the story! There were some fantastic freeze frames.


Maple Class - Show & Tell

We have had some amazing 'Show and Tell' sent into Maple Class. Many thanks for all your hard work.

Maple Class - Question Mountain


Maple Class - PE Indoor Football