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Inside Nursery & Gallery 2019 - 2020

Nursery - Chinese New Year

A lady came in to celebrate Chinese New Year with us. We became a large dragon. 

Nursery - Various Activities in Nursery Class

Nursery - Outdoor Learning

We have recently started outdoor learning in our school's outdoor exploration area. We went on a bear hunt; through the grass, river, snowstorm, mud and forest to find a bear hiding inside a cave. We also created some Jackson Pollock inspired artwork using lots of berries and fruit juices. 


Nursery - Mini Kicker Sessions

The children have been taking part in Mini Kicker sessions with Altrincham Football Club. They have loved all of the different activities that A.J and James have provided. 

Nursery - Fairies

We had a special visit from some fairies. They left a magical trail for the children to explore outside nursery. We found a magical door that leads to the fairy kingdom. The children kept checking behind the door to see if the fairies were home. Some of the children made their own wands and turned themselves into fairies. 

Nursery - Celebrating Christmas

Our Christmas celebration in Nursery.  We played lots of exciting games and had some delicious food before a special visitor came to see us. 

Nursery - Owl Visit - Too-wit too-woo
In our literacy, we have been focusing on the story 'Owl Babies' by Martin Waddell.  We had a visit from Douglas (tawny owl) and Paul (barn owl) who came from Gauntlet birds of prey in Knutsford.  The children stroked Douglas to feel his wonderful owl feathers.  The children loved watching Paul fly around the nursery environment. Some brave children even put on the gauntlet for Paul to fly onto. 


Nursery - Gardening 
We have been talking about how to grow and look after our plants in nursery.  Some of the children have removed the weeds from the garden area and planted some leeks in their place.  The children decided to water the plants following a discussion about what the plants would need to grow. 


Space Week

Space Week - As part of Understanding the World/Science, we have been exploring Space in nursery. We discussed what we might find in Space and decided to become astronauts and journey to explore the Universe. We discovered that a rocket would be needed to make our journey. The children built a rocket, made moon sand and loved pretending to be aliens.


Listening Walk

As part of our nursery phonics, the children put on their listening ears and have been on listening walks around school to help tune in to sounds in the environment. We tried to find some high and low pitched sounds around nursery using beaters. 


Meeting New Friends in Nursery