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Inside Sycamore & Gallery 2018 - 2019

Below are a selection of photographs from activities in Sycamore Class.

Sycamore Class

This half term we have been reading 'Where the Wild Things Are.'  Gabriel brought in the Swedish version of the book and read it to the class.  We followed the story along the English version so that we could try and work out some of the Swedish words.  We were very impressed with Gabriel's reading.

Year 2 Visit to the Junior School - Click below to view photographs:

Freddie Fit May 2019

Sycamore Class - 'Where the Wild Things are' display

Sycamore Class - PE

In PE the children have being practising their ball skills. They have focused on hand and eye coordination, bouncing and throwing and catching.

Sycamore Class - Show & Tell

All of the children have the opportunity to prepare a show and tell related to our topics. The children that have delivered their show and tells have really enjoyed sharing their learning with the class. 


Sycamore Class - Geography/Science

Year 2 went to the local park to put their compass and map work into practice.  They also looked for different animals and plants in the area and how they changed over time from pictures they had from weeks before.

Sycamore Class - Maths

The children are always encouraged to explore calculations further.  In multiplication, they looked at the other ways we can describe what multiplying means.  They know it can also mean 'lots of' or 'groups of' and they can use this to prove the answers to their calculations.

Sycamore Class - Maths

In maths the children have been learning about fractions of numbers and shapes. They split shapes into fractions to understand that fractions are a part of a whole shape or number.

Sycamore Class - Art

As part of their topic 'How can we look after plants?' the children looked at the artist Giuseppe Archimbaldo and recreated his work using real fruit and vegetables.

Sycamore Class - Explore Learning