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Inside Willow & Gallery 2018 - 2019

Willow - Andy Goldsworthy inspired work
Willow - Art Work
Willow - Making Clay Pots
Science - Minibeast Hunt
Design and Technology -Year 1 pop up cards
Year 2 making and decorating their clay plant pots .
Year 2 Knowsley Safari Park Trip
Photos will be posted shortly
Literacy - Drama
Children acted out the story of The Gruffalo's Child.
Maths - working with larger numbers
Maths - repeated patterns
Geography - The world we live
Children enjoyed completing jigsaw puzzles and locating places from around the world.  They then looked at weather around the world and how it differs from place to place.

Willow Class - Show & Tell


Willow Class Design Technology - Fruit tasting
Children tasted a variety of exotic fruits.  We found out that the most popular fruits were mangoes and pineapples and very few children liked passion fruit.

Willow Class - Maths - Weighing fruit and classroom objects

Willow Class - Maths - Using numicon shapes when multiplying

Year 1 Willow - Target Throwing

Willow Class - Art

L.S. Lowry inspired paintings and mixing primary colours to create secondary colours.

Willow Class - Show & Tell

Geography - Henry and Ben worked together to complete a world map jigsaw puzzle.

Willow Class - Show & Tell

Willow Class - LS Lowry Artwork

Year 2 Visit to the Junior School - click below for photographs:
Year 1 Wyevale Garden Centre Trip Photos can be found via the click below:

Willow Class Easter Bonnets

Thank you to all the parents/careers who helped make these amazing Easter bonnets.

Willow Year 1 Maths

Willow - Science Investigation - Where is the best place to grow cress?

World Book Day
Willow class were the winners of the chocolate bar design challenge and were awarded with the title of 'Chocolate Bar Champions'.  Well done Willow Class. 

Willow - Planting Gladioli and Sunflowers

Willow - Pancake Day

Willow - Freddie Fit

Willow - Year 2 have been using resources to support fractions

Willow - Year 1 have been using resources to support doubling

Willow - Making and Describing 3D Shapes

Year 1 created portraits in the style of Paul Klee

Year 2 computing - Researching information about Tim Peake.

Willow Class Show & Tell

Year 2 Willow - Designed and made a Space Buggy

Year 1 Designed and made their own stockings

Year 1 Trip to the Hat Works Stockport

Willow Drama and Poetry Performance

Willow Working with Money

Year 2 Designed and made their own healthy smoothies

Year 1 Recreating Landmarks in London

Willow Celebrating Diwali through Dance

Year 2 History Lessons About Playground Games in the Past

Year 2 Science Lesson All About Medicine Safety Delivered by Dr Ratnarajah

Year 2 Science Lesson All About How to Increase Our Heart Rate

Our Walk to the Post Box
Show and Tell

Geography Routes to School