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Mathematics Curriculum

Mathematics Curriculum

The teaching of Mathematics at Stamford Park Infant School is based on David Haylock's Connections Model. Teaching in this way ensures that all children have a full understanding of each concept taught throughout school, as lessons are delivered in a practical and visual way.  From EYFS, children are taught to make links between the numerical value of a set of objects, written digits, numbers presented in word form and sets of dots. This ensures that all children develop a true understanding of the value of each number, which is then developed upon in Key Stage 1.  Further concepts are taught which build upon prior learning and enable our children to reach the end of Year 2 with a true understanding of the number system and how to manipulate it.  Please visit our 'School Mathematics Gallery' to see our children in action!  All children leave our school with a love of Mathematics and the willingness to try and solve problems and learn from any mistakes which they make. This ensures they have the basic skills needed to see them into their adult lives.


Our Calculation Policy details how we teach each concept in a pratical and visual way.  Please refer to this policy when assisting your child or children with any homework.