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Welcome to Nursery


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                                      Mr M Wharton                                 Ms L Brenner
                                           Teacher                                Classroom Assistant


The Nursery children follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.


Curriculum coverage is provided through the seven areas of learning and development:


There are three prime areas:
•   Communication and Language;
•   Physical Development;
•   Personal, Social and Emotional Development.


And four specific areas:
•   Literacy Development;
•   Mathematical Development;
•   Understanding the World;
•   Expressive Arts and Design.


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It is important to understand that all children progress at different rates. Some aspects may appear to have been achieved more quickly than others. As children learn they build on what they have achieved, enabling them to reach their next steps.


With a planned environment in which they work and play, and through carefully planned observations and teaching of the children, we provide the opportunity for each child to develop at their own pace.


The Learning Environment


The Nursery learning environment is organised to enable children to source and access resources for themselves, promoting independence and responsibility.


We ensure there is a balance between adult led and child initiated activities, both through indoor and outdoor play.


The children’s interests are paramount when planning activities, in order to fully engage them in their learning. These interests are developed further through enhancing the resources provided within the learning areas.


Please click on Curriculum link below to see what we have been doing in Nursery this half term.
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