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Updates on COVID-19

Stamford Park Infant School has a dedicated email address for parents/carers needing to report specific COVID-19 related issues:


Please find our latest Covid-19 Risk Assessment by clicking the link below.

COVID-19 Catch up Funding Strategy

Schools will receive a total of £80 per pupil. This will arrive in three instalments - in autumn 2020, 'early 2021' and summer 2021. At Stamford Park Infant School the total number of pupils is 204, therefore the total catch up funding received will be £16,320.

We have chosen to ensure our highly qualified support assistants provide additional support to those children impacted socially, emotionally and academically by COVID. Targeted and personalised interventions with adults that have strong relationships with specific children work closely with the class teachers to ensure support is effective and purposeful. 

Which Pupils Need to Access the Support?


School should identify pupils that will benefit most from the funding. We have identified individual children who would benefit from additional educational support to improve the progress and to raise the standard of achievement for pupils who are not on target to achieve their personal targets. Therefore the funding will be used for the following:

  • To close the gap between the achievement of these pupils and their peers.
  • To support the emotional well-being of pupils in ensuring they feel safe.

Please refer to the table below regarding Implementation: Targeted Support

What catch-up funding is for. The government announced £1 billion of funding to support children and young people to catch up lost time after school closure.  Click here to read more.