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Stamford Park Infant School

We care, we share, we learn, we grow, together.

Visions and Values

Mission Statement

We care, we share, we learn, we grow together


Value & Ethos

At Stamford Park Infant School we aim to help each child to achieve his or her full potential academically, physically, socially and morally, in an orderly, secure, caring and happy atmosphere.  We believe that staff, governors and parents all have their part to play in achieving this.  The effective education of children should be a partnership between school and home.



  1. To provide a welcoming environment for children and parents.
  2. To help children develop enquiring, imaginative and creative minds and to communicate effectively.
  3. To help children to acquire knowledge, skills and practical abilities and increasingly to be able to use these in a variety of situations.
  4. To encourage children to develop self-discipline in all aspects, whether in their application to learning or in their behavioural relationships with other members of the community.
  5. To enable children to develop self-awareness and to value and appreciate the work of all others and to become increasingly able to function as contributing members of a group.
  6. To assess each child individually and plan learning experiences which will take each child forward with confidence and enthusiasm.
  7. To help children experience a sense of achievement through being positive about all their success.
  8. To enable children to gain strong foundations in the basic skills of Reading, Language, Mathematics and Science.
  9. To enable children to appreciate human achievements in the Arts and Technology and to be receptive to cultural and aesthetic experiences.
  10. To encourage empathy to others whatever their race, colour, creed or sex.
  11. To help children understand the world in which they live and to appreciate their ability to contribute to, and have a sense of responsibility towards, the environment.
  12. To help children to acquire a moral sense and a code of behaviour which takes into account the school community and, in turn, the community at large.